yay halloween!

OK, so I’m not all that creative, but my purple corset top at least looks great! :)

Eat yer heart out, boys and girls.

it’s tendonitis

So, according to the doc, I have tendonitis in my left ankle. This is because, ever since I can remember, my ankle likes to fall out from underneath me when I’m tired and running, or wearing unstable heels. Apparently it’s just going to keep getting worse and worse unless I start doing some strengthening exercises, and wear high-top shoes that give my ankle support (e.g., boots.) I’m at a higher risk for arthritis as I age as well.

This at a time when I can barely afford dinner, let alone a pair of quality boots! At least this doesn’t affect my pilot’s medical, since it rarely acts up, and never when I have my ankle supported with good high-top shoes. This really sucks because I like to run — and for the time being, I can’t run at all.

Anyone want to help me with a web search for ankle-strengthening exercises? He also suggested a week’s worth of ibuprofen (4x400mg a day) and flexing to try and get the swelling down (swelling, I might add, that I’m so used to, I barely even realized was there).

well that’s that

Company called my recruiter to tell me that they decided not to proceed with me — because, after evaluation, they decided I’d eventually get bored with the position and move on. WTF? I mean, so I could get things turned around for them…but in the end I think they just want to keep things moving rather than do things right, and I’m someone who definitely falls in the latter category (at least in principle.)

Back to square one. No pending job prospects, no interviews, no nothing. Just me, my resume, and the online want ads.


has gotten married Saturday, yay! I want to buy them a nice wedding present, but I am both poor and unknowing of where their registry was.

In any case, rejoice for happy couples! Yay!

Mental Hygiene

Yay for old classroom films! I saw a 6 hour film festival tonight of Mental Hygiene films that was absolutely breathtaking.

I’ll post a review of the films tomorrow when my eyes aren’t so bleary. :P but I got Ken to sign my book, yay! :)

I’m feeling better now.


So I’m settled down into this lovely house now — but with no furniture except a mattress donated by a friend (thanks Auriga!) I just want to get my job in order so I can easily get my stuff up here. It might include a drive to NJ to get my stuff out of a locker there, but thankfully that’s only an 8 hour drive each way, and I love driving. :) Anyway, keep on me to drag my digital camera out so y’all can see the house and the like. In the meantime, check out the Algonquin Pictures, finally uploaded, including these two annotated maps of where one of my friends canoed. What took him a day to canoe took us 5 minutes to fly. :P Oh, and that’s me.

Interesting things happened this morning with the plumber and landlord, but the upshot of it all is that I get new shower/bath taps, and use of a gas grill for free, yay! :) Now I need the damn job. :/

Climbing again tonight, for the first time in a bit. I really want to get into this more, but until I know where I’m working and when (and have the money for it), I’m relucant to become a member and buy equipment. That means it’ll be erratic for a while yet.

For your enjoyment: the bible in 1337 sp34k.


hey folks, sorry I haven’t posted recently, I’ve been absolutely exhausted getting the new place in line. More when I get more awake…. sleepybye!

i have a place to live

After not all that much searching, I have a nice little 2 bedroom home that I’m renting for a reasonable price, just a bit east of the downtown Toronto area (East York). It’s about 30 minutes for me to get to the fun Yonge area from my new doorstep, including the 7-minute busride or so to the subway station. It’s only a bit smaller than I would like, but until I actually can afford to buy my own place, it’ll do. Worst case, once I can move my stuff up here, I’ll have to just put some stuff back in storage. Oh well, we’ll see.

One of my friends said he took a place when he saw a dragonfly there, for various personal spritual reasons. Well, when I heard there’s an owl in residence in the backyard, that pretty much clinched it for me. See, I’ve always had this interesting relationship with Athena. In fact, some people to this day refer to me as megami-sama, Athena, Pallas Athena, etc., even though I don’t have her sharp grey eyes. It’s a bit embarassing, but…well, when a nickname gets assigned, it sticks. Athena’s sacred animal was an owl (here shown from the back of an Athenian silver tetradrachm, 5th century BCE), and it’s one of those special markers for me. So here I am, renting a house with an owl that lives in the back yard. I feel confident I’ll be happy there.

And I’m within walking distance of the Ontario Science Centre, perhaps the coolest science museum in the world. :P

And to top it all off, the landlord (who lives 5 doors down the street) is lending me some furniture until I can get my stuff all setup. What a great guy! I love the kindness of people in this city.

I move in Sunday. Yay!

thank you friends :)

I have some great friends. Thank you all for your kind emails. I’ve got a lot to think about, and you all are right.

The week’s kinda floated by with all the days merging into each other. I managed to get checked out at the local FBO for flying — and will be flying this Monday (weather permitting) over the Algonquin Provincial Park for some leaf peeping and fun with 3 friends. I’m continuing to mail in my resume with limited success, and am waiting on two potential employers to hopefully get back to me soon for interviews.

It seems like all my friends have had drama this week — ended relationships, losing their apartments, trouble at work, cops showing up at their houses, dead pets, dead relatives, and more. Perhaps it’s Venus rising. Perhaps it’s the new moon. Or perhaps I just have a synched-up group of friends. All i know is that, now, I feel more stable than I have in a while, and I’m glad I could be there for y’all, especially and . I can’t think of a better way to pass my time than to spend it helping other people out. :)

Weekend plans? Go out, have drinks with my friends, keep mailing off resumes, and start to worry about where to live. My current rental is reserved only through the end of this month…but I’m not going to take a yearly rental unless I have a job offer. What to do???