new studio software

Waynemanor Studios now has some new software, in addition to the fantastic, quintessential Digital Performer:

  • DSP-Quattro realtime audio editor/CD mastering tool/VI hosting tool/hardware sampler librarian, perfect for the pair of Kurzweil samplers
  • MidiQuest XL 9.0 patch editor/librarian, the only editor available that actually has support for the Voyetra 8
  • Minimoog Voyager Patch Editor/Librarian, a beautiful work that meets the highest standards for such an application
  • Cherrypicker, a MIDI patchfile editor that cleans up .middev files.
  • MIDI Commander, formerly the Kurzweil Commander, a remote control solution for the Kurzweil synths

On order is a SCSI card + cable to connect DSP-Quattro to the Kurzweil(s), the V3 upgrade for the Voyager, plus a gooseneck light and dust cover also for the Voyager.

this is radio waynemanor

Tonight, in a fit of procrastination, I worked on a new identifier for Waynemanor Studios. The resulting track is 10s long, and includes 6 separate synthesized components. I’m very proud of the work. Special thanks to nanaimo for helping me get the final mix just right.

When you’re done guessing the various synths used, view the MP3 info for full details.

I’m so excited to be making tracks again!

bad hair day

Today my lovely housemate nanaimo decided to give me a much-needed scalp massage. I zoned out, half lost consciousness. It was good.

When I came to, my hair was so matted, it took me 30 minutes and about 1/4 a bottle of conditioner to get all the knots out. I was left with a quite sizable amount of hair loss.

It has now been immortalized as The Photo Of The Fallen Clump (of hair) By The Wohali of the not-so-big boobies:

the clump

(That’s a dime in that photo.)

joanbits for 2005.12

  1. The new Doctor Who box set (Season 27) rules. “Are you my mummy?”
  2. Our house LAN party was fun, mostly for the company. I didn’t get to play a single game, because the bastards insisted on playing games I don’t like, like C&C Generals and BF2. Blah. At least we got a couple of games of in!
  3. The poncho is almost done. Really. (It’ll be done just in time for it to be way too cold for me to wear out of the house.)
  4. The Voyetra 8‘s mixer board is almost done being rebuilt. I’ve put on new electrolytics, all new 1% resistors (love them blue bodies), and machined sockets for all the ICs (even ones that weren’t socketed before). I’m in the middle of cleaning up the BOM/parts list, entering the schematic and the new WollyView™ system will leave you begging for more.
  5. I’m learning to work just a little bit less hard, and on a few less things at once. That’s not easy for me.
  6. The house has acquired a really beat-up arcade cabinet. The marquee says “Q*Burt” (yes, with a u) and has a Jamma board for SNK’s Prehistoric Isle in 1930 horizontal scrolling shooter game. Even if we can get the JAMMA board working again, we’re likely to convert it to a MAME box anyway. I’ll try and get some photos up soon, but don’t expect much — the cabinet has seen far better days.