thing-a-day #15: deep fried kitchen

tonight i went overboard and deep fried things. yanno, when the oil is hot, ya gotta use it, right? my beer batter included sleeman’s cream ale, flour, and two kinds of bacon salt.

besides the fairly mundane broccoli and onions, i also deep fried local organic cheese curds. they are now my new favourite vs. mozzarella sticks.

but the real amazing item were the deep fried bounty bars, in the same batter (yes with bacon salt). these things have no right to taste this good. seriously. if you live in the US try finding bounty bars (coconut enrobed in dark chocolate), they’re in many places now. if not you will have to use the inferior mounds bars.

thing-a-day #11: mac stabilization

been fighting my mac for weeks now, with constant freezes, hangs, system-wide crashes or video corruption from 1-100 minutes after reboot. seems i followed some bad advice in the past and turned on something i shouldn’t have. so, my thing for today is sharply worded advice:

Do not enable QuartzGL (2D acceleration) on your Mac Pro. To check that QuartzGL is off, open Terminal, paste in this line and press Return:

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ QuartzGLEnabled -boolean NO

Reboot to make this take effect. Voila, no more annoying crashes. You’re welcome.

deleting users

If you’ve had trouble posting on my blog since I opened up comments, you should be able to do so now. I’ve deleted all registered users – so, if you were registered before, now you shouldn’t be forced to log in just to comment.

thing-a-day #10: choc chip cookies

Still burned out on music. So I made chocolate chip cookies, from this NY Times recipe. I had to make a few substitutions because of what I had on hand:

  • Whole wheat flour instead of regular flour (still used the cake flour)
  • Dark brown sugar instead of light brown sugar
  • President’s Choice chocolate chips instead of the gourmet ones suggested