The laptop has been repaired, and is working perfectly, even with the upgraded, new, 1400×1050 LCD panel.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.. *Muppet Flash theme music plays*


The wrong part came for my laptop. It works, but on principle it’s the wrong part. Given the email I just wrote the parts company, and the phone call I’ll be giving them tomorrow, I should have the right part on Monday or Tuesday.

I’ll be online this weekend, but grumpily. :P

Dead computer

This morning my laptop got damaged. Those of you used to seeing regular updates from me, or chatting with me online may not see me on as often now. I will only have computer access at work, regular business hours, until it gets repaired or I buy another computer. Given how much both options cost, this may be a very long time.

I’ll miss you all :(

Dear Dr. Science

Dear Doctor Science,
Why does my dog howl whenever she hears a siren?

— Bob Fehribach from Sterling Heights, MI

Your dog is simply doing her best to share the pain. She knows all too well that such a siren means that someone, somewhere is in trouble. And being the big-hearted humanitarian all dogs are, she’s a living example of the spirit of compassion Eugene Debs had in mind when he said, “As long as anyone is in prison, I am in prison.” Like Debs, your dog is probably a socialist; unlike Debs, your dog is unlikely to spend time in prison as a result. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the red scare is finally over. Whittaker Chambers, Woodrow Wilson and Richard Nixon can relax, knowing your dog is howling like a hound in heaven, crying out for social justice.

It’s done!

The project at work is now complete. I can go home and sleep the weekend away to try and recover now. Thank Goddess.

But first, hangin’ with my friends tonight. Yay friends who don’t mind if you just show up and sleep at their place! :)


Apparently their new tagline is: “FOX News – The network America trusts for real journalism – fair and unbiased.”

You’ve got to be kidding me.

(thanks for the laugh…it’s only half funny…)


I need more sleep than I’m getting. 48 hours without sleep makes one very punchy…

At least this RFP response will be done Friday and….hrm, need to visit an FBO in the US to get my BFR done (piloting stuff).

Sleep. Good. Night.