Dead computer

This morning my laptop got damaged. Those of you used to seeing regular updates from me, or chatting with me online may not see me on as often now. I will only have computer access at work, regular business hours, until it gets repaired or I buy another computer. Given how much both options cost, this may be a very long time.

I’ll miss you all :(

12 thoughts on “Dead computer

  1. Ugh. That sucks much indeed. Sorry to hear that, Joan :( I’ll certainly miss you, too!

  2. that means it’ll be a while longer before we get to know each other better.

    poo. *frown*

    hang in there. i know the feeling of not having your own system working — such as when i spilled water on my keyboard and wasn’t able to buy a new one for a couple of days. ish.

  3. oh durnit hun!!!!

    i wish hopefully for a quick and speedy recovery of full computer functions!!! miss you bunches sweets!

  4. Yo – if you get this give me a call or email me or something to let me know what’s up for tomorrow. If you can’t make it for some reason that’s fine, just don’t leave me hanging! ;)


    I’ll be in and out for most of the night but leave a message or drop me a line or something…


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