Research Portfolio

Below is a summary of research and work I have conducted in the Knowledge Media Design space, with a particular focus on synchronous chat, the educational paradigm and metacognitive analysis.

No, it’s not formatted perfectly. The reason is that many of these papers are being reworked into formal journal submissions, so the citations are still somewhat fluid.

Works are available from hyperlinks, or upon request.

  • Online research blog @ OISE/UT
  • “Distributed Cognition or Intelligence? Patterns of group thought within online graduate-level coursework” — paper for Clare Brett’s CTL1608F06
  • “Video as a Lens into the Social Interactions and Collaborations within KITL” — group paper (with Mike Tissenbaum, Dan Kurtz and Cheryl Madeira) for Gale Moore’s KMD1002S07 on experiences with the Thunder System in OISE/UT’s Knowledge Innovation and Technology Lab
  • Accenture Delivery Tools Community of Practice — concept progenitor, communications lead, wiki & forum facilitator / moderator (available only to Accenture staff)
  • The Robot Odyssey: Technology as Bridges between Humanity, Trauma and Genius — paper for Grace Feuerverger’s CTL1000H
  • ircd-hybrid, core development team (12 years). Open source code that supports the Internet Relay Chat network on the server side. Previously a testbed for many new concepts of synchronous communication mediation, now a stable platform.
  • “Top-down Design Methodology for Xilinx FPGA Design” — paper @ 1995 International Cadence Users Conference, with associated 250 page tutorial on CAD tool use in the undergraduate education setting

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