word-of-the-day: prolix

From http://www.cbc.ca/news/viewpoint/vp_omalley/20060717.html – which you should go read now, it’s short:

The late Peter Gzowski once held up an envelope from one of his many readers. “This has been written on a word processor,” he told me.

“How can you tell?” I asked.

“It’s prolix,” Gzowski said.

How many of you are also guilty as charged? I think many of us bloggers are similarly challenged. Personally, I’ve been fond of quoting Blaise Pascal, from Lettres provinciales, 16, Dec.14,1656:

Je n’ai fait celle-ci plus longue que parceque je n’ai pas eu le loisir de la faire plus courte.” (I have only made this letter rather long because I have not had time to make it shorter.)

But perhaps now I will quote Robertson Davies instead:

Business people are very innocent and they are impressed by bulk.

you-name-it hero

Earlier today, my friends online and I were reading this alternative video game controller article, and bemoaning the fact that the accordion controller depicted doesn’t really exist. We all agreed that we’d totally buy an Accordion Hero videogame.

Thus ensued a bevy of alternative music game controller titles:

14:16 < @Wohali> that's a cute controler, conty
14:17 < @Wohali> can we play weird al songs?
14:17 < @Conty> Wohali: We can play Weird Al dad's songs!
14:17 < @Wohali> oktoberfest!
14:17 < @OldCrow> a pitch convertor controller would be cheap to make these days
14:18 < @Conty> Then we can have Accordion Hero: HEINO Edition!
14:18 < @OldCrow> I mean, one DSP for kazoo hero wouldn't need to be exactly studio quality
14:18 < @Wonky-P> conty, how about moonshine jug hero?
14:19 < @Wonky-P> how about wet finger around the glass hero?
14:19 < @Wonky-P> pan flute hero
14:20 < @Conty> Wonky: Glass Harmonica Hero!
14:21 < @GoofyRobo> I would so buy accordian hero
14:22 < @Wirc_Hat> Pan Flute Hero: The Legend of Zamfir
14:23 < @ShinoWrk> Saxophone Hero, Kenny GX
14:23 < @Wohali> Lawrence Welk's Bubblemania

Which ones would you buy?

P.S. Holding on one more day – woke up feeling pretty good, so I’m staying in forced bedrest another 24h. If this doesn’t do it, I’ll head into the hospital tomorrow.

canada day 2006

What fun, a holiday motorcycle ride about town with my new friend and bike mentor. I am feeling more confident every day – but not foolhardy! I can’t wait to ride around town more. And the gasoline bills are definitely to my liking.

For those of you waiting for your meme responses, they are online now at the previous post. Sorry for the delay; I was in the process of website and gallery migration, and those things had to occur first. For the record: Gallery 2 has a neater interface, but it slower and cumbersome to setup and configure, compared with Gallery 1.

The baby is so cute! I’ll have photos posted soon.