Synthetic <i>a priori</i> judgements

A recent thread on TCOW concerning evolution vs. creationism brought up the issue of a priori judgements, and the subtle difference between synthetic and analytic a priori judgements. It lead me to do a bit of online research, during which time I discovered that many of the texts I’ve referred to so often in dead tree form have been transcribed, without encumberance of copyright. Hooray for the Internet!

If you’re interested, read my posting here. Comments can be made here or there, I get notification of both. :-)

check him out

. You simply have to check out his poster collections in his journal; they’re astounding. But, more importantly, the guy’s a man.  And I mean a real man — well fit.  Hubba, hubba!

I really enjoyed his company, and he was kind enough to not only let me
repair his WurliTzer 200A, but also keep it for several months until my
own synthesizers showed up!

I just lament the fact that we haven’t hung out since he picked up his
keys.  Oh well, at least I get lots of eye candy from his journal!