{Taxes, Horse Dream, Gokuri}

Taxes are printed out, and I’m about to go to the post office to mail them off.

I had a very unusual dream last night where I was zooming around and my mansion’s front yard (which was a forest) on a horse. Now, I’ve always been afraid of horses, and against riding them (why sit on another creature’s back?). So it was very strange for me to actually enjoy riding a horse . . . but it felt great. :)

There’s a new drink in Japan called Gokuri, which is kind of like a pulp-filled grapefruit juice cocktail. Yummy, I hope it sticks around (it won’t, I don’t think the Japanese like pulp in their juice…)


Everything is now booked for the Italy trip: plane, villa, hotels (before and after the villa), car.

Anyone have any suggestions for what we should do?


Spending the day cleaning up my work laptop, burning off the gigabytes of my data that aren’t work-related. Yay me!

Awful no good day.

I am woken at 6:30 this morning by my brother, who is calling to reconfirm that I am UNinvited from his wedding. After trying to get back to sleep for a few precious minutes, I decide to give up and focus my remaining energies on M., who is feeling ill and needs to go to the hospital. (Everything seems fine, for now. –wohali). Then I had to deal with sitting in a hospital waiting room for at least two hours, maybe more.

After all of that, I am here, stumbling blindly through my day, trying to make sense of it all when everyone else around me seems to be crashing down.

I will continue without him. I am strong, with or without the spineless, emotionally crippled, dependent weakling known as my brother. He can choose to follow me or exclude me, but he certainly can’t choose to undo the pain he’s caused me now.


So my grandparents aren’t pissed at me, it’s just that their WebTV is down. Now to see if they can figure out how to get it back up and running again…they say it just won’t connect.