sciatica part 2

On top of an exceedingly long and increasingly depressing winter, I need some joy. It’s not coming from my body, sadly. The pain makes it hard to find anything enjoyable.

I really want this pain and numbness to subside. I want to get back to walking around as it warms up…and I really need to start exercising again. Tomorrow I’ll focus on getting myself some possible solution, doctor’s visits if necessary. Half-falling-down all day long does not help.

joyous outerwear ballet

The OvercoatI am stunned. I generally dislike ballet and mimes. And yet I find the images of CanStage’s production of The Overcoat (based on Gogol’s short story & Shostakovich’s music) will not leave my mind. It was moving, well acted, immensely satisfying…and even had a “sad ending.” No matter; the show leaves you hungry for life, for meaning, for joy, and to listen to more classical music. Well done, CanStage. No wonder tonight’s 10-year anniversary production (& closing night) was sold out.

I really should do a proper review here, discussing how Peter Anderson’s The Man (uncannily looking like Jonathan Pryce) is at once a Brechtian Common Man and the protagonist of a Greek Tragedy, describing the brilliance of the choreography with Shostakovich’s more ambitious works, and the strength of the ensemble’s choreography and stage presence. I should talk about innovative rolling drafters’ desks that double as cabaret tables, scrims and sliding windows used effectively to separate scenes, and a suitably unifying wardrobe. I should mention the parallels to Chaplin’s Modern Times and Tati’s Oncle films. I might even describe in passing how similarly I’ve felt to The man when he dons his new coat (I even have a new purple coat in the same colour!), and how agonizingly upset I’ve been when a prized possession has gotten ruined.

But I won’t. I haven’t the time. ;)

CanStage Bluma, I’m expecting similar brilliance with next month’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Don’t disappoint! :)

sciatica & treatments

Acupuncture by mikefats from flickrOver the past 3 weeks, I’ve been struggling with left leg pain. It was hurting in my left rear and thigh, mostly when I walked down stairs & got up from a sitting position. I also found it got worse when it was cold or humid. 3 days ago, my foot started going numb as well. Only a very hot shower would help…and only for an hour or less.

Friday I fell down the stairs in the morning from the pain, when my leg gave out from underneath me. I decided it was time to do something about it. Calling my doctor came back with a sad reality – it was likely sciatica, and there was no obvious, straightforward cure. Palliative treatments were the only realistic option.

So I went for the next best thing. When I had back pain in Japan (from too much work and learning how to sleep on a futon), I started seeing my then-girlfriend’s acupuncturist & shiatsu massage therapist. He did wonders for me – the first few times, I left there laughing and skipping, I felt so much better.

Now I’m seeing a new acupuncturist and massage therapist in the city. (I’ll publicize them here if they do a good job.) So far I like their approach – hybrid, respectful of scientific inquiry. It’s feeling better…slowly…but there’s still numbness, tingling, and pain. But…I did manage to walk about 5km today! I just dread being on a plane for 5h tomorrow…won’t be good for my leg.

an atypical manifesto

il manifesto, by

I’ve been a bad blogger. I haven’t been giving back to “the community,” nor have I even found time to read what “the community” is writing. engtech says:

“…blogging is a 10 to 50 hour a week commitment when you include reading and commenting on other blogs. Blogging takes away from other aspects of your life. Are you prepared to make that kind of commitment? Is anyone?

I’ve realized I don’t blog here. I journal. I’m leaving a trace. It’s time to explain my motivation:

An Atypical Manifesto
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