Greetings, Programs!

My TRON Action Figures from Kubrick showed up today! My office feels so much more alive with the MCP, a recognizer, a tank, 4 lightcycles, a guard, Sark, Tron, Yori and Flynn on my desk. They even have their own identidisks and lightcycle control bars!

Thank you, kidrobot.

Tron was a seminal film for me as a child. It represented everything that 1982 was — glowing LED lights, helicopters that glowed red in the dark, mazes of metal staircases, powerful lasers, the future in our grasp, in our time… The graphics still blow my mind for having been done in 1982. Sure, we can do a hell of a lot better now, but sometimes simple is all that is needed. The world created by Syd Mead (and, yes, Disney, sigh…) was lifelike, magical, and provided a fantastic allegory of how technology and humans necessarily must interact to stay morally sound. Would that those lessons were still within the conscious minds of those running corporations these days. At least we don’t have to dress like the ENCOM employees anymore! *phew* Though I’d love to get glasses and an outfit like Cindy Morgan (also appears as Yori, definitely sexy) wears in the film. Yum.


OK, perhaps I’m slow on the uptake, but mutt users take note:

  1. Install antiword from
  2. Install at /usr/local/share/mutt/mailcap.
  3. Modify as necessary. (I changed the location of antiword.)
  4. Install from I modified one line (sh is NOT bash!):
          TXT     => 'echo "[-- Statistics (lines words chars): "`/usr/ucb/wc "%s"`" --]";
    echo; cat -v "%s"',
  5. Add the line set implicit_autoview to your personal or site-wide muttrc.
  6. Enjoy the view!!!