OK, perhaps I’m slow on the uptake, but mutt users take note:

  1. Install antiword from
  2. Install at /usr/local/share/mutt/mailcap.
  3. Modify as necessary. (I changed the location of antiword.)
  4. Install from I modified one line (sh is NOT bash!):
          TXT     => 'echo "[-- Statistics (lines words chars): "`/usr/ucb/wc "%s"`" --]";
    echo; cat -v "%s"',
  5. Add the line set implicit_autoview to your personal or site-wide muttrc.
  6. Enjoy the view!!!

17 thoughts on “wow

  1. It also knocks my socks off. Screenshot of my mutt setup in progress (most everyone I’ve seen so far LOVES my colour settings).


    No interest in reading evil Word documents in UNIX — I use Windows for that, as much as it sucks ass! ;-) But thanks anyways. *hugs*

  2. Fun! And I use “vi” bcause it reminds me a lot of TECO from DEC RT-11…funny how the first thing you use becomes a habit…

  3. okay i can honestly say i have absolutely no clue about what yall are talking about….heh im so uneducated heh

  4. And I swap between vi and Emacs because I like to use the best editor for the job at hand ;)

    Thanks for the tips; I installed antiword and expect it will save some time (lots of lusers round here think that attaching Word docs is the best way to send plain text *thwap*).

  5. Yup yup. I’ve known about this for a little bit. It’s awesome, aint it! :D

    *creem* heheh

  6. Hehehe, yeah, UNIX is certainly a funny language at that!

    Yup, that’s me, about 2 weeks ago after a day at work. ^_^ All of my LJ icons are pics of me.

  7. Oh, it’s still curly. But it depends on how I dry it as to whether or not it’s actually curly on any given day. If I tie it up a specific way, it’s only curly at the ends, and straight most of the rest of the way. That’s what happened for this pic.

    If I’m not rushing and treat it right, it comes out looking like this.

    Hooray for multipurpose hair! ^_^

  8. Vi makes me cover my head and begin whimpering. I use pico when necessary. I really need to set up my *nix box… any recommendations for an o/s? Other than the SCO I use at work, and a lil bit of Redhat – I’ve been lost to the unix world for awhile.

  9. my muttrc rocks, as well, but i’m sorry to say your color choices are not original – mine are the same =) I do have 2 muttrcs (I handle 2 different mail accounts) with two different color setups, but I prefer the one above over the blue/red that i use in the other. Cool!

  10. *sigh* laden with homework! I need a vacation! I need to be laden with work of another kind … ;)

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