I know this has come up a lot recently (apparently it was referenced in last night’s Buffy series finale, a show I simply don’t like, but apparently its creator is a huge Strong Bad fan), but:

TROGDOR!!! Burninating the countryside…

Read about Trogdor’s creation, and play his video game.


  • I HAVE A NEW CAT! Wanna see? She’s unnamed as of yet, but she’s a cute, 2-year old, 4-pound kitty from the shelter, and she’s absolutely perfect for me. Thanks to for helping me pick her out.
  • Thanks again to for reminding me that I can watch films with violence in them, mentally tune out the violence, and focus only on the story. Hence, I got to see the new Matrix film. It’s so incredibly mystical, in the original sense of that word. The Corporate Mofo and, of course, The Christian Science Monitor manage to identify most of the mystical allegories (though I am surprised they don’t talk about Esther and Lazarus in this context . . . Trinity makes SUCH a sexier Lazarus . . . .) People, when you watch this film, do something radical: ignore the CG and the violence. Study the intelligence in the film. If you get the message, welcome to the 1% of the world who actually think about things, rather than just accept and mimic.
  • On the same topic, I recommend skipping the direct-to-video release of The Animatrix. As must as I love good animation, it’s just going to lead to more stories of idiots in real life who think they’re in The Wachowski Brother’s fictional reality. (In The Animatrix, there’s a short where a kid throws himself off of the roof of his school, saying “Save me, Neo” or something similar. Don’t kill yourself, or others, over a film, please!) This is a major hot button for me (those of you who know my stance on RPGs understand this). There are times you DON’T THINK, and there are times you THINK. Learn when to do which one.
  • Some late pledges are coming in, but my friend M. won first place with a whopping $90 donation ($0.25 / minute for 6 hours, on the dot). She’ll be receiving the lovely special gift when she makes her payment. If you’d still like to volunteer money (or beat her out for first prize!) the deadline is this Friday. You can email me directly to find out my PayPal address, but please be advised that I’ll only take bank transfer PayPal payments, not credit card-based ones.

Sponsor me for the 2003 Masturbate-a-thon!

It’s that time of year again, folks!

This coming Sunday is the Masturbate-a-thon, sponsored in part by Come As You Are right here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

All funds raised by the Masturbate-a-thon go to Voices for Positive Women, a group supporting women in Canada who are HIV positive. It’s a great cause, and a fantastic way to get money to people who need it.

If you pledge to sponsor me, you’l give me an amount that you can afford to pay me for each minute that I masturbate on Sunday, May 18th. Or, you can pledge a flat amount, and I will calcuate the per-minute amount later. Even a pledge of $0.01 a minute would be a maximum donation of $14.40 . . . and I can guarantee you I won’t masturbate solid for 24 hours. ^_^

N.B. As a special gift, whoever pledges the most will get a full erotic story, describing my own masturbatory activities on the day of Sunday, May 18th.

I accept payment in cash (only in person), cashier’s check or money order drawn in US or Canadian dollars, or PayPal as a last resort. Post your pledges as followups to this post.

And if you choose to “go it alone,” don’t forget to do some reading on masturbation and safe sex techniques! If there’s enough interest, I’ll post a list of my favorite erotica as well

C’mon, pledge! Make my time worth something to those who need help. I’ve been successful at doing this every year since its inception in 1998, and I don’t plan on stopping now!