I have been challenged to write 2 limericks, one including the word “Orleans.” Here goes!

By the river known as Mississippi,
Two old codgers confronted a hippie.
      “For a peek in your jeans,
      We will show New Orleans
Just how loud two old men can shout ‘Yippie!'”

Notes: Though “New Orleans” is usually pronounced more like “Nawlins,” it’s perfectly acceptable to use the “Northern” pronunciation in song and verse — just ask Louis Armstrong.

Lobachevsky looked down from the sky,
And exclaimed “Обалдеть! Woe is I!
      For the roots of equations,
      Dandelin gets elations,
But will I steal the fame from Bolyai?

Notes: See the links, it’s a math limerick. Yeah, I’m a total geek.

new photos from 2001

I’ve been digging through old CDs in an attempt to move everything over to DVD-ROM. Today I found some never-before publicly seen photos from Spike Cyberworks Japan’s Naeba Ski Trip in 2001. (These will probably only interest those who knew the Spike Japan crew, or my other friends in Tokyo.) Enjoy!

silly bot, tricks is for…

02:08 < @Wohali> fester, how are you?
02:08 * fester takes a drag man..
02:08 < fester> Wohali: I'm feeling stoned off my tits :) man..
02:08 * Wohali fondles fester
02:08 < fester> Gosh :[
02:08 < @dys4iK> hahaha
02:08 < fester> something is broken and it's not your fault? man..
02:08 * Wohali kisses fester
02:09 < fester> crikey dude...
02:09 < @Wohali> ghahahahhha
02:09 < @dys4iK> heh
02:09 < @Wohali> that's right, there's no women on IRC
02:09 * Wohali grabs fester's ass
02:09 * fester grabs Wohali man..
02:09 < @dys4iK> hahaha
02:09 < @Wohali> fester, which pocket do you carry a hanky?
02:09 < fester> death comes to those who wait dude...
02:10 < @dys4iK> was that a threat?
02:10 < fester> ask someone else man..
02:10 < @dys4iK> fester you're mean.
02:10 < @Wohali> fester, what colors are your hankies?
02:10 < fester> 3 fingers
02:10 * Wohali is....ROFL :D