I have been challenged to write 2 limericks, one including the word “Orleans.” Here goes!

By the river known as Mississippi,
Two old codgers confronted a hippie.
      “For a peek in your jeans,
      We will show New Orleans
Just how loud two old men can shout ‘Yippie!'”

Notes: Though “New Orleans” is usually pronounced more like “Nawlins,” it’s perfectly acceptable to use the “Northern” pronunciation in song and verse — just ask Louis Armstrong.

Lobachevsky looked down from the sky,
And exclaimed “Обалдеть! Woe is I!
      For the roots of equations,
      Dandelin gets elations,
But will I steal the fame from Bolyai?

Notes: See the links, it’s a math limerick. Yeah, I’m a total geek.

2 thoughts on “limericks

  1. Joan…..

    How are you?

    I emailed you. I don’t know if you have the same email address.

    If you do and I somehow offended you at some point, please let me know.

    Much love,

  2. Hi again. :)

    Haven’t seen you online. I will email you soon.

    I added your journal to my RSS feed on LJ.

    If you want, you can get an openID on LJ and I can add it so that you can see my entries.



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