post-cat-surgery day 2

Ecchi has kept down 3/4 of a (tuna fish-sized) can of high protein cat food, pumped directly into her stomach. I was unable to see her today, because I am very exhausted and need to save my strength to get everything I have going done in time.

Need sleep. More tomorrow.

tone it down, apple fans

The original 1984 MacintoshPeople seem to have gone nuts over this new phone thing from Apple. I am not really getting it – it’s a convergence device, sure, but I don’t see anything revolutionary, except perhaps the multifinger touchscreen, and the fact that it’s an ultraportable running OSX. I’ll avoid listing the positives and negatives in detail, because everyone else already has done….

I wanted to remind people of what innovation from Steve Jobs & his crew used to look like…and also a poignant reminder of the fact that these keynote addresses are about 20% technology, 80% showmanship.

Jump to Trunk Monkey’s copy of the Lost 1984 Mac Video. (And while you’re there, watch the trunk monkey videos!)

Oh, and Woz, if you’re out there reading this, Apple ][ Forever! ;)

existential crisis

Mini Sartre PortraitSome nights, I can’t sleep no matter how hard I try. Tonight was one of those nights. I sat in bed overcome with frustration, worry and fear, and I can’t stop letting it get to me.

I need help from you guys, my friends. For the first time in a long time, I’m gonna bare my soul honestly on this blog, because I can’t think of any other place to let this out constructively. Comment if you can, I need advice. I don’t know what to do.

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