on being a dimwit

Tonight on IRC I got this quote:

> a wise man once said "you can't look dignified when
you're having fun" so live by that! :p

What a dimwit I’ve been. I’ve been grumpy in the faces of everyone around me who’s having a great time, just because I’m not happy about some miniscule detail in a totally separate area of my life that’s, 9 times out of 10, no one’s fault. I often miss the fun that I myself am having! What a waste, eh?

Thanks, man — your IRC one-liner today made a huge difference in my life. :D

skypeout vs. verizon

As mentioned at this blog, and as I discovered tonight, Skypeout is blocked from calling Verizon Wireless customers.

[Edit: Apparently this is limited to specific exchanges within their system. Only part of the 408 area code is affected.]

Bastards. I can say that now.

old soap

Witness the miracle of my housemate’s mother, who has recently gifted us with more soap than we could humanly go through, even in a few years’ time. Amongst the multicolored wrappers now gracing a corner of our hallway linen closet are these three beauties:

Yes, that 4-pack of Palmolive is from Bi-Way, and cost $1.19:

And that blue bar is Fiesta!

Everyone here now wants to poke through her house and see what other ancient treasure we can find…though we’d have to be sure to avoid the asbestos potholder drawer…