After 21 years of being online, I am removing this font from circulation. If you have a copy of the font hosted on your website, I'd ask you to kindly take it down as well.

My Freeware Cherokee font was the first freely available Cherokee font for use on Macintosh, Windows, and UNIX machines. It was widely adopted, copied, cloned, praised, ridiculed, and used in various print publications.

I created the font to further research into the native language of the Tsalagi (Cherokee) First Nations people of North America. Since that time, access to native computing functionality for Cherokee speakers has exploded, with the Nation taking charge of an official keyboard layout, incorporation of Cherokee glyphs into the Unicode standards, and many Unicode fonts as distributed with standard computer operating systems now include Cherokee glyps and input method editors.

As of 2014-02-15, I've decided to retire this resource. I think the mission for which it was created has been achieved - computing with Cherokee is possible on almost every personal computer without need to download a special font.

Thank you for your interest.

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Original copyright notice follows:

© Copyright 1993-2014 Joan Sarah Touzet. All Rights Reserved. This font is hereby released into the public domain for the furtherment of research into the native language of the Tsalagi (Cherokee) Indians of North America. This font may be duplicated as many times as needed so long as this information file and disclaimer remain included and intact. No fee may be charged for its distribution except for a modest copying, hookup, or download fee (not to exceed USD$5). This font was created with help from the Mellon Fund of Yale University. This font may not be changed or modified in any way without the express written consent of the author.