loblaws villere


Loblaws used to own The Real Superstore chain in the states, which had a number of branches, including the (NOLA)-famous Canal Villere chain. There was another name Loblaws used, which had the logo rotated yet another 90 degrees, but I can’t recall it.

Thanks to Slimbolala, I tracked down another memory, this time of the wondrous price check girls in 2×2 1970s-style roller skates. Wonder if the Real Canadian Superstore near Don Mills & Eglington (Toronto, ON, Canada) still has the rollergirls….

Schwegmann’s holding company announced an auction of the long-time eyesore canal villere properties in June 1995. Seems like such a missed opportunity that no one set up a decent grocery store there…in fact, most of the grocery stores down there seemed decimated.