out of shape

I went climbing tonight for the first time in many many months. Only made it up one 5.8, the second 5.8 I stopped halfway. Managed a 60′ 5.7 though. Wow my hands hurt.

At least I had a really nice dinner @ lalot. Monica, eat your heart out! The catfish was fantastic, as was the soup and the NEW AWESOME DESSERTS! :)

Valkyrie needs sleep badly! Valkyrie shot the sleep!

getting up on time

can actually help you have a better day. Just go easy on the speed you work. I worked a super long day — to work early, stayed way late. Got an incredible amount done. It felt really good. And I still had enough time for a little CS:S and some Black Adder — and kitty snuggling!

Stay tuned for the first release from my recording studio. Hint: none of my synthesizers were used in the making of the recording.

the praises of montepulciano

After 750mL of wonderous liquid known as Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, some calamari, some veal (Mmm, I like ’em young! Just wipe its butt and send it on in…), some salad, a cannoli and some coffee I feel like a new woman.

Montepulciano is rapidly becoming my favourite red wine, simply because of its price (usually inexpensive), its availability (everywhere!) and how well it goes with just about anything. It’s especially good with grilled stuff.

Thanks to my coworker cerdo for suggesting Cafe Diplomatico on College. It wasn’t quite what I had in mind, but it turned out to be a good deal indeed.

bondage MIDI cable

I found it — my bondage MIDI cable! Back in the old days of PC sound cards, a special cable shipped with your Sound Blaster. This cable sported 2 MIDI plugs and connected to the joystick port. It also had a passthrough connector for a joystick.

It turns out that you can screw the passthrough plug into the joystick plug, and then screw it closed. You can do this around someone’s neck (if they’re particularly anemic). Then, the MIDI portion makes a GREAT leash.

I kid you not. Jalapeno and Tolim and I had hours of fun leading tsk around the NJ apartment with one of these. He was such a good little….never mind. ;)