the praises of montepulciano

After 750mL of wonderous liquid known as Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, some calamari, some veal (Mmm, I like ’em young! Just wipe its butt and send it on in…), some salad, a cannoli and some coffee I feel like a new woman.

Montepulciano is rapidly becoming my favourite red wine, simply because of its price (usually inexpensive), its availability (everywhere!) and how well it goes with just about anything. It’s especially good with grilled stuff.

Thanks to my coworker cerdo for suggesting Cafe Diplomatico on College. It wasn’t quite what I had in mind, but it turned out to be a good deal indeed.

2 thoughts on “the praises of montepulciano

  1. March 3, 2015.
    Things have really changed around here in the last ten years. They don’t serve Montepulciano here like they used to. It’s a miracle the place is still known by its old name, Cafe Diplomatico. You wonder why things around you seem to change faster than you do. Or do they?

    As you nibble listlessly on your calamari and sip your Chianti (really, a poor substitute!), a cute young asian waitress asks if you need anything else and regards you with slightly puzzled look. Or was it — slightly contemptuous look? No bitch, I don’t need anything else, thank you very much.
    Your irritation takes a while to dissipate. The place is nearly empty, despite the hour. An ancient streetcar rattles by outside — a relic from a decade ago.

    You switch on your brand new 4000 Gig iPod. It’s pretty neat how they’ve figured out a way to send the sound directly into your ear, without earphones. You can’t understand the lyrics of the song, but the clever little gadget translates them for you, silently: “…I love this city, but the winter here is way too long…”

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