getting up on time

can actually help you have a better day. Just go easy on the speed you work. I worked a super long day — to work early, stayed way late. Got an incredible amount done. It felt really good. And I still had enough time for a little CS:S and some Black Adder — and kitty snuggling!

Stay tuned for the first release from my recording studio. Hint: none of my synthesizers were used in the making of the recording.

1 thought on “getting up on time

  1. Ah, the righteous, virtuous pleasure of getting work done. The soothing wholesomeness of a long, productive day. The reassuring glimpse of a long, productive career ahead. The heady lure of mesmerizing efficiency. The tranquilizing rhythm of to-do list items being checked off. Une ère palpitante s’ouvre à vous, in the immortal words of this here fortune cookie. Have you ever been to Wales, Baldrick?

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