I’m nearing the end of a two week trip for work to Japan and wondering why I left here eight years ago, especially after nearly breaking down after my last few hours at work this week. Everyone’s been so nice and friendly, and in the evenings, I’ve had some great nights out with old friends. Sustainably, too, if I weren’t in a hotel.

I wrote a pretty cranky post about it then. Of the 24-ish points I made, I think 5 are still valid, I was wrong about 5, and the remaining 14 no longer apply to me, Japan, or the world at large. (For example, you can’t get away from cell phones anywhere now, and smoking is way down.)

In part, I know it was an emotional decision, running away from a disintegrating relationship – something I didn’t write about then, it was too close to home. I also had a lot of problems with other problems I’ve moved past, or the world has left behind: people being fake, too little motivation to learn Japanese, etc. Basically, I was overwhelmed by life and my emotions. I couldn’t see my way clear.

More interestingly, my Japanese seems to have gotten better with disuse. I’m not fluent by any means but it seems I’m better at grammar, making myself understood in personal and business situations, and suddenly kanji is clicking. (Thanks plane! _@_y)

Would I move back? Yes, for the right opportunity. And I know that, this time, I would do it without writing a tirade about what I don’t like about Canada, the US, or anywhere else I work (Argentina, Brazil, etc.) I wouldn’t be running from, I’d be jogging to.