Ok, most of you by now have realized how dramatic I can be when I write. Why do I do it? Well, it comes naturally. That doesn’t mean I like it when I realize my blog sounds like angsty teenage drivel. But I’ve spent most of my life thinking, hey, negativity is everywhere. I can see it!

It makes for a good career in incremental process improvement. I can take just about any technical business into which I’m thrown and help make it better. But the trick I learned in the business world – to present the good things and to praise them, and to present the bad things in a constructive manner – are hard to apply to myself.

Why? Because I’m so used to being down on myself, to criticize myself before someone else does. That’s a good way to never be happy. So everything comes out like drama. In the end, though, every single one of those entries represents something I’ve figured out about myself. It’s made me happy! And why not wax eloquent about it? I think I will continue to be poetic, but I’m gonna be a little bit less dramatic. ;)

Still, I miss posting silly stuff here and sharing the best with you guys. So here’s a collection of great links:

Find me on IRC if you want some decidedly more off-colour links. I’m trying to keep the website a bit more family-friendly these days.