1 thought on “exhilaration

  1. Dear Google…

    “exhilaration comes from the outrageousness of the subject matter”

    “Doing it is where the exhilaration comes from”

    “Exhilaration comes from working for an organization”

    “exhilaration comes from not knowing what’s coming”

    “For them true exhilaration comes from turning and twisting their aircraft across the sky in ever more unusual attitudes.”

    “exhilaration comes from us wearing what we wear”

    “exhilaration comes from bathing in the dizzying depth and range of silent film”

    “exhilaration comes from all the things that we are looking to do in 2006”

    “Exhilaration comes from nowhere.”

    “exhilaration comes from making an excursion into the unknown”

    “exhilaration comes from a complete lack of control”

    “exhilaration comes from taking advantage of the winds and the currents”

    “exhilaration comes from a newcomer’s hope that great things can be achieved”

    “exhilaration comes from knowing it’s fake”

    and finally, here’s my personal favourite:
    “Exhilaration comes from naming the unnameable and hearing it named.”

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