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Loblaws used to own The Real Superstore chain in the states, which had a number of branches, including the (NOLA)-famous Canal Villere chain. There was another name Loblaws used, which had the logo rotated yet another 90 degrees, but I can’t recall it.

Thanks to Slimbolala, I tracked down another memory, this time of the wondrous price check girls in 2×2 1970s-style roller skates. Wonder if the Real Canadian Superstore near Don Mills & Eglington (Toronto, ON, Canada) still has the rollergirls….

Schwegmann’s holding company announced an auction of the long-time eyesore canal villere properties in June 1995. Seems like such a missed opportunity that no one set up a decent grocery store there…in fact, most of the grocery stores down there seemed decimated.

3 thoughts on “loblaws villere

  1. Are you thinking of National Foods?

    We had several National Foods stores that used the same logo (I thought it had the same orientation as your first photo). Schnucks bought them out in the St. Louis area, closing some and keeping others.

  2. I’m glad I helped you take a meander down memory lane.

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