sciatica & treatments

Acupuncture by mikefats from flickrOver the past 3 weeks, I’ve been struggling with left leg pain. It was hurting in my left rear and thigh, mostly when I walked down stairs & got up from a sitting position. I also found it got worse when it was cold or humid. 3 days ago, my foot started going numb as well. Only a very hot shower would help…and only for an hour or less.

Friday I fell down the stairs in the morning from the pain, when my leg gave out from underneath me. I decided it was time to do something about it. Calling my doctor came back with a sad reality – it was likely sciatica, and there was no obvious, straightforward cure. Palliative treatments were the only realistic option.

So I went for the next best thing. When I had back pain in Japan (from too much work and learning how to sleep on a futon), I started seeing my then-girlfriend’s acupuncturist & shiatsu massage therapist. He did wonders for me – the first few times, I left there laughing and skipping, I felt so much better.

Now I’m seeing a new acupuncturist and massage therapist in the city. (I’ll publicize them here if they do a good job.) So far I like their approach – hybrid, respectful of scientific inquiry. It’s feeling better…slowly…but there’s still numbness, tingling, and pain. But…I did manage to walk about 5km today! I just dread being on a plane for 5h tomorrow…won’t be good for my leg.

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