Automatic Extension!

Wheeee! One good thing about living abroad: I get an automatic 4-month extension on my US taxes (and yes, I owe nothing this year…)

Yay! Now I have until August 15th to file!

This is insane.

Check out this post.

Essentially all of the Windows-based clients for LJ, including sema’s great one and the “official” client was working on (asshole) are now illegal. Though I can’t tell if visions is being honest or a complete asshole for feeling slighted by the LJ developers. This crap so disappoints me with software development. Giant fucking egos…



So today my Palm m505 bites the big one. The digitizer simply stopped responding to any stylus taps, fingernail scratches, or downright abuse. Palm gave me a huge runaround about being in Japan and having a US-model unit, so I eventually called up the US, used a friend’s address/phone number, and had them arrange for the new unit to be sent to him. Fortunately he was already getting together a shipment of Honeycomb cereal for me! :P Thanks, :)

LJ suicides and whatnot

A friend of mine posted about this guy who just killed himself after some particularly nasty LJ discussions, amongst other things. Personally, I think this other guy made the most convincing argument in a follow-up post. There’s no finger pointing necessary here; suicide is called suicide because you do it yourself, not because someone else convinced you to do it, right?

I recently stopped an old friend from committing suicide…and about a month later told her I couldn’t handle speaking with her anymore because it was just too difficult for me to do so without feeling like I was the only one supporting her life. I simply wasn’t prepared to have those kinds of discussions anymore, and told her she needed to stabilize before I could continue being her friend. Hearing her tales of woe simply magnified my own depression about the world, and in a self-preservationist way, I needed to cut that off temporarily so I could get a grip on my own life before trying to deal with someone else’s.

She responded angrily, accusing me of being a fair-weather friend and a turncoat, and that it wasn’t my responsibility to stand up for her, but at least to just listen to what she had to say. I doubt I’ll hear from her again.

I didn’t tell her to go ahead and kill herself already as some of stars_pyre’s acquaintances did, but I did say that I simply wasn’t strong enough to be her friend.

Am I a bad person? What would you have done in my shoes?

My current favorite email signature

I finally got to the toilet paper, but couldn't find the end of the roll.       
I grabbed at the paper, clawing at it, but it felt like smoke. I                
eventually managed to grab a fistful, and looking down at my hand, I            
couldn't see anything, but I knew I had the paper. Somehow. I managed to        
wipe, somehow, and while glancing down I noticed my legs had disappeared.       
Oh, no, it's ok, there they are. No, they've gone again. How the fuck am I      
supposed to wipe when my asshole keeps disappearing?

Liberally taken from matti @ AH

The vim Editor’s Prayer

Our Editor, who art in RAM,
  :written be thy name.
Thy install come,
  Thy buffers be done in Windows,
  As they are on Unix.
Give us this day our daily files,
  And forgive us using pico,
  As we forgive those who use WORD against us.
And lead us not into EMACS,
  But deliver us from vile.
For thine is the improvement,
  the mapping and the usability.
For this version and next,

Gleefully copied from the website.