This is insane.

Check out this post.

Essentially all of the Windows-based clients for LJ, including sema’s great one and the “official” client was working on (asshole) are now illegal. Though I can’t tell if visions is being honest or a complete asshole for feeling slighted by the LJ developers. This crap so disappoints me with software development. Giant fucking egos…


3 thoughts on “This is insane.

  1. This is so stupid. So fucking stupid.

    It’s one thing when egomaniacal developers fight on technical grounds, this sort of thing just… Ugh.

    It’s so pointless. Someone send visions a penis enlarger so he can stop trying to win the bigger dick fights by BEING the bigger one.

  2. An aside: He also doesn’t understand the language of the GPL. Like most people, he has the licensing ramifications of GPL’ing something reversed (that is to say, his logic is inverted). Idiot.

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