1 thought on “I support sema’s client.

  1. juli got to thinking:

    It would be a GPL violation for vis to do what he says he’s doing… The only thing he can do is say the license for the wspell code that he somehow was licensing to every user has been revoked, and from there, *EVERYTHING ELSE* can be distributed, and not removed. The rights granted under the GPL cannot be taken away.

    Furthermore, he cannot even do this with the wspell code, but I am not 100% sure of this, because when a work is created that incorporates GPL’d code (in this case, wspell being linked to the client), the entire work is distributed with all rights under the GPL granted.

    In essense, he made wspell available under the GPL.

    And so he’s fucked. Someone email Brad Kuhn, this is an example of the *community* being fucked over by someone inside it, and I hope the FSF would be anxious to teach *the masses* about using the GPL properly, and not just companies that make the mistake of trying to base commercial works on GPL’d code without being GPL zealots themselves.

    Hrm. Keep on using Sema’s client. Someone point me to a source and binary tarball or zip and I’ll mirror them.

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