Automatic Extension!

Wheeee! One good thing about living abroad: I get an automatic 4-month extension on my US taxes (and yes, I owe nothing this year…)

Yay! Now I have until August 15th to file!

3 thoughts on “Automatic Extension!

  1. Techincally we all have an extension automatically, you just don’t have to PAY on April 15th.. if we owe we have to pay, but we have til July 15th to actually file :)

  2. I stayed up until 5am to do my taxes. Although I must say that it was worth it as I turned a negative to a positive at the end…

  3. damn ok I’m a little jealous…plus the villa in Italy…and while I will be going to venice later on this year, it ain’t no villa that I’ll be staying at.

    everything is sounding pretty good for ya right now, I’m very happy about this! woo hoo!

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