The vim Editor’s Prayer

Our Editor, who art in RAM,
  :written be thy name.
Thy install come,
  Thy buffers be done in Windows,
  As they are on Unix.
Give us this day our daily files,
  And forgive us using pico,
  As we forgive those who use WORD against us.
And lead us not into EMACS,
  But deliver us from vile.
For thine is the improvement,
  the mapping and the usability.
For this version and next,

Gleefully copied from the website.

4 thoughts on “The vim Editor’s Prayer

  1. Right on! :P

    Also, what’s up with the new icons? I like! I like! But whyfor no full-sized versions on atypical? Inquiring minds want to know [also: see]!

  2. Look around, you’ll find all the pics on my website. In fact, I made them from the thumbnails in my own gallery! :P

  3. How the hell did I get it into my head that the Japan gallery only contained the second row stuff!?

    Like, really, the TGS stuff and the Spike pics… I never saw those there@!!!@!#$#%$@$%#^#%^#

    hehe :)

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