Family. Can’t live with ’em. Pass the beer nuts.

What is it with family members? I’m having problems with my entire family right now, and it’s really bothering me. So I’m writing up a set of well-argued emails which hopefully will help cut through some of this shit with the ones most important to me. Let’s see if this at least starts a reasonable, clear dialogue, instead of avoiding the important issues.


I’m done with Japan. Finished. Finito. Ready to go.

I learned a lot being here, and I’m so glad I came and developed my career and worldly understanding. This was perhaps one of the most important learning experiences of my life. A good friend of mine said she thought it was a mistake for me to come here . . . and while she might have meant that she knew I would eventually leave, perhaps she didn’t realize that I would learn so much . . .

But it’s time to move on.