Apparently their new tagline is: “FOX News – The network America trusts for real journalism – fair and unbiased.”

You’ve got to be kidding me.

(thanks for the laugh…it’s only half funny…)

5 thoughts on “huh?

  1. As a print journalist, I am against broadcast “journalism” in the first place but FOX, man they are the WORST. Then again, all TV news is going down hill… past 5 days on CNN at night has been nothing but coverage on the missing pregnant wife of a murdered family… SO WHAT.

  2. News doesn’t have to be boring, but it has to be unbiased. If it was called FOX Commentary, it’d be entertaining. Trying to pass off blatant editorialization as news, however (which, come to think of it, is kinda entertaining in its own right, but for entirely different reasons), is just plain wrong.

    Being a former print journalist myself, I’m not naive enough to think that any “news” is free of bias. But you have to at least make it look like you’re trying to be remotely objective. And honestly, I think most of the time broadcast media pulls that off better than print.

  3. I liked E.L. Doctorow’s theory on this in his book The Waterworks, which said that overt bias is easier to deal with. People expect newspapers to have bias, and if it’s clear and obvious that they have one, it’s easier to understand the writer’s (and, subsequently, the paper’s) position.

    I agree. Similarly, I have no problem with blatant sexuality on TV. It’s the hidden sex in, say, Britney Spears’ Pepsi commercials that bothers me more.

  4. It should be every reporter’s goal to attain objectivity, impossible as it may actually be to do. I don’t expect every story to be unbiased, but I expect a concerted effort. It’s like striving for perfection. Nobody ever reasonably believes they will be perfect at whatever they do, but if the attempt isn’t made, what’s the point of doing anything?

    I agree that I’d rather be bombarded with blatancy than slowly smothered with subtlety. But as a reporter, I can honestly say that I’ve never tried to hide my bias. Simply, I tried to act as if my beliefs didn’t exist. I’m sure some of the stories I wrote took on an unconscious bias despite my best efforts, but I tried my damndest to remain objective and I sure as hell never try to hide anything.

    I can’t speak for the political slant that the newspaper as a corporation was trying to put forth, but I know that all my fellow reporters and even my editors were supportive of objectivity, in fact, they demanded it. It’s just very difficult to do, especially with a medium that allows for so much context instead of just prattling off facts.

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