I’ve been working on the program…all the live long night…

Weee, Visual Basic until 3AM! This better be close to the final revision, because I’m getting kind of sick of Visual Basic. At least there’s some moolah at the end of the tunnel. (Trying to get the last contract I had going before I started my new job completed, on top of having spent almost all weekend working on my proposal for work. Yikes!)

I miss Japan

Watch these Seven-Eleven Japan commercials (all MPEG-1 format), and tell me:

  • If you’ve never seen a Japanese convenience store before, this is exactly what they look like. Oh, and when I talk about getting a bento for lunch, it’s what she’s holding up, usually, not what you’re used to getting in North America as a “bento lunch box.”
  • Don’t you want an onigiri (rice ball)? These have yummy salty salmon inside, but the konbu salty seaweed ones are fantastic when you’re feeling vegetarian. Mmmmmm, oishii onigiri (different commercial with a cute Japanese woman, whose name I’ve forgotten)
  • How about some microwaveable udon?
  • Or a mini-roll sandwich (mini roll sando)?

Seven-Eleven, いい気分.

Oh, man, do I ever miss Japan right now.


‘s big book of birthdays says:

You are “the day of the impression.” Those born on Feb 20 are taken up with the theme of both registering an impression and making an impression on others. Because of their receptive nature, they generally have vivid memories and can much later repeat accurately what they have seen or hear. Although being open and retaining impressions is a great strength, at times they may be too impressionable. They can fall under the spell of negative influences through their sympathy and openness.