bad hair day

Today my lovely housemate nanaimo decided to give me a much-needed scalp massage. I zoned out, half lost consciousness. It was good.

When I came to, my hair was so matted, it took me 30 minutes and about 1/4 a bottle of conditioner to get all the knots out. I was left with a quite sizable amount of hair loss.

It has now been immortalized as The Photo Of The Fallen Clump (of hair) By The Wohali of the not-so-big boobies:

the clump

(That’s a dime in that photo.)

4 thoughts on “bad hair day

  1. oh, i would just about die for a scalp massage like that.

  2. By The Wohali of the not-so-big boobies

    Are other Wohalis typically more bosomed?

    And anyway, you are, well, atypical

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