new studio software

Waynemanor Studios now has some new software, in addition to the fantastic, quintessential Digital Performer:

  • DSP-Quattro realtime audio editor/CD mastering tool/VI hosting tool/hardware sampler librarian, perfect for the pair of Kurzweil samplers
  • MidiQuest XL 9.0 patch editor/librarian, the only editor available that actually has support for the Voyetra 8
  • Minimoog Voyager Patch Editor/Librarian, a beautiful work that meets the highest standards for such an application
  • Cherrypicker, a MIDI patchfile editor that cleans up .middev files.
  • MIDI Commander, formerly the Kurzweil Commander, a remote control solution for the Kurzweil synths

On order is a SCSI card + cable to connect DSP-Quattro to the Kurzweil(s), the V3 upgrade for the Voyager, plus a gooseneck light and dust cover also for the Voyager.

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