well that’s that

Company called my recruiter to tell me that they decided not to proceed with me — because, after evaluation, they decided I’d eventually get bored with the position and move on. WTF? I mean, so I could get things turned around for them…but in the end I think they just want to keep things moving rather than do things right, and I’m someone who definitely falls in the latter category (at least in principle.)

Back to square one. No pending job prospects, no interviews, no nothing. Just me, my resume, and the online want ads.

11 thoughts on “well that’s that

  1. And it took me weeks to get just that interview set up. Even worse, visa wise, I can’t just take a job up here at the local McD. It has to be skilled, preferably computer, work.

  2. *hug* If it helps, the average number of rejections like this average 13 before getting a “real” job.

    Would you relocate to the States?

  3. :( the job market everywhere blows.. i have so many friends looking for jobs right now it’s really harsh :(

  4. but at least you have a real resume worth considering. you’ll find something… or create your own…

  5. the honest answer? Yes, if I must, in 5 months.

    the answer from my spirit? over my dead body.

  6. if people don’t think I’m “too good” for their entry level jobs.

    Seriously, people, I’ll take what you can give me right now.

  7. yeah, i feel your pain (sort of). Currently a senior in college frantically sending out resumes to anyone with an email address… ack, economic times are harsh, I guess.. I think I would rather just go to grad school. Yeah, ok this was rambling, sorry :)

  8. no no, thanks for stopping by :) I may simply pony up the cash for flight school or something, drive myself into lots of debt…

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