it’s tendonitis

So, according to the doc, I have tendonitis in my left ankle. This is because, ever since I can remember, my ankle likes to fall out from underneath me when I’m tired and running, or wearing unstable heels. Apparently it’s just going to keep getting worse and worse unless I start doing some strengthening exercises, and wear high-top shoes that give my ankle support (e.g., boots.) I’m at a higher risk for arthritis as I age as well.

This at a time when I can barely afford dinner, let alone a pair of quality boots! At least this doesn’t affect my pilot’s medical, since it rarely acts up, and never when I have my ankle supported with good high-top shoes. This really sucks because I like to run — and for the time being, I can’t run at all.

Anyone want to help me with a web search for ankle-strengthening exercises? He also suggested a week’s worth of ibuprofen (4x400mg a day) and flexing to try and get the swelling down (swelling, I might add, that I’m so used to, I barely even realized was there).

8 thoughts on “it’s tendonitis

  1. wow — I’m sorry to hear about the ankle!

    By the way — you went to a doctor who told you to do ankle strengthening exercises or else, but who didn’t then teach you any ankle strengthening exercises?

  2. No, his comment was simply to immobilize the ankle and then strengthen it by wearing high-top shoes. He didn’t offer much constructive advice other than that, which was what got me going.

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