hey folks, sorry I haven’t posted recently, I’ve been absolutely exhausted getting the new place in line. More when I get more awake…. sleepybye!

6 thoughts on “sorry

  1. glad that you found a place & are getting set up. that owl thing is funny. as un-superstitious & non-spiritual that i am i still do look at “stupid” things like that & contort some meaning into it. oh, what the hey…

  2. it’s just odd. You can be non-spiritual about it too. Once I was in an apartment looking at it to see if I could live there. All of a sudden it was really easy to imagine where I’d put all my stuff, etc. You could say it’s being spiritual if you’re so inclined, but you could also say that I have a good imagination, and that the place just started to make sense to me. Visualization is a great tool, whether you believe it’s some ESP-related thing, Family-inspired, or just the result of a good education. :)

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