So I’m settled down into this lovely house now — but with no furniture except a mattress donated by a friend (thanks Auriga!) I just want to get my job in order so I can easily get my stuff up here. It might include a drive to NJ to get my stuff out of a locker there, but thankfully that’s only an 8 hour drive each way, and I love driving. :) Anyway, keep on me to drag my digital camera out so y’all can see the house and the like. In the meantime, check out the Algonquin Pictures, finally uploaded, including these two annotated maps of where one of my friends canoed. What took him a day to canoe took us 5 minutes to fly. :P Oh, and that’s me.

Interesting things happened this morning with the plumber and landlord, but the upshot of it all is that I get new shower/bath taps, and use of a gas grill for free, yay! :) Now I need the damn job. :/

Climbing again tonight, for the first time in a bit. I really want to get into this more, but until I know where I’m working and when (and have the money for it), I’m relucant to become a member and buy equipment. That means it’ll be erratic for a while yet.

For your enjoyment: the bible in 1337 sp34k.

6 thoughts on “progress

  1. That’s not real 1337 sp34k. He’d have to insert words like “sux0r” and “hax0r” and such, not just re-write letters. :)

  2. i love the picture of you!!! yay for a new picture of you!!!
    the other pictures are cool too of course…
    and the bible thing is too funny, hehehe.

  3. Will get more pics of me online I promise! Just give me time for my photos to show up from Japan :)

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