i have a place to live

After not all that much searching, I have a nice little 2 bedroom home that I’m renting for a reasonable price, just a bit east of the downtown Toronto area (East York). It’s about 30 minutes for me to get to the fun Yonge area from my new doorstep, including the 7-minute busride or so to the subway station. It’s only a bit smaller than I would like, but until I actually can afford to buy my own place, it’ll do. Worst case, once I can move my stuff up here, I’ll have to just put some stuff back in storage. Oh well, we’ll see.

One of my friends said he took a place when he saw a dragonfly there, for various personal spritual reasons. Well, when I heard there’s an owl in residence in the backyard, that pretty much clinched it for me. See, I’ve always had this interesting relationship with Athena. In fact, some people to this day refer to me as megami-sama, Athena, Pallas Athena, etc., even though I don’t have her sharp grey eyes. It’s a bit embarassing, but…well, when a nickname gets assigned, it sticks. Athena’s sacred animal was an owl (here shown from the back of an Athenian silver tetradrachm, 5th century BCE), and it’s one of those special markers for me. So here I am, renting a house with an owl that lives in the back yard. I feel confident I’ll be happy there.

And I’m within walking distance of the Ontario Science Centre, perhaps the coolest science museum in the world. :P

And to top it all off, the landlord (who lives 5 doors down the street) is lending me some furniture until I can get my stuff all setup. What a great guy! I love the kindness of people in this city.

I move in Sunday. Yay!

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  1. GREAT!!!! How’s everything else Joan? I’ve been thinking about you, but with current things going on around here I haven’t had a chance to send email…and I certainly didn’t want to send one filled with all the crap going on in my life! LOL! :-)

  2. Me too hon….still basically jobless, and getting upset over it. Once that’s settled I’ll be in a more stable mood. But absolutely no luck on the personal front…

  3. … of from whom one scarfs modified scarfed images; at least you didn’t hotlink it. I couldn’t help but notice the odd LJer activity in my access logs, so I had to check it out. (MEOW!) More than worth the price of admission, though we’re obviously oil and vinegar.

    Heterodoxos, my owl and Official Web Site Mascot, says, “You’re welcome.”

    — Matt Wallace, AKA The Compleat Heretic; that is, an economic and social conservative, Republican, Teamsters union member, moral traditionalist, pro-life, U.S. Army veteran, NRA Benefactor Life Member, Secular Humanist atheist

  4. Matt,

    I’m terribly sorry for not notifying you first…your image is a great resource and I appreciate your kindness. :)

  5. Quite alright, dear. Nature of the Web. Plus you were courteous enough not to steal my bandwidth, not that I’m anywhere close to using up my host’s allocation. Anyway, I got to post a couple of hyperlinks. Of course, I’m still trying to rediscover the source of the original so that I can request permission to use. ;^{)>

    — Matt Wallace

  6. um, cool… crash space. j/k ;)

    haven’t kept up as of late. great news, and congrats.

  7. You stated earlier in your journal you can’t digest meat. You get cramps for days. Have you seen a doctor about it? Mainly I’m wondering cause well I’m having that very same issue. I’ve been forced into almost a vegan state….and I miss steak. hehe. So any ideas what causes the meat cramps?

  8. I did at one point. He thinks it might be Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). He did ask me:”If I could do something about it, would you want me to?”

    I repied: “Well, to be honest, I’m pretty happy with my diet right now, so…no.”

    I haven’t been back to a doctor to talk about that issue since then. *shrug*

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