thank you friends :)

I have some great friends. Thank you all for your kind emails. I’ve got a lot to think about, and you all are right.

The week’s kinda floated by with all the days merging into each other. I managed to get checked out at the local FBO for flying — and will be flying this Monday (weather permitting) over the Algonquin Provincial Park for some leaf peeping and fun with 3 friends. I’m continuing to mail in my resume with limited success, and am waiting on two potential employers to hopefully get back to me soon for interviews.

It seems like all my friends have had drama this week — ended relationships, losing their apartments, trouble at work, cops showing up at their houses, dead pets, dead relatives, and more. Perhaps it’s Venus rising. Perhaps it’s the new moon. Or perhaps I just have a synched-up group of friends. All i know is that, now, I feel more stable than I have in a while, and I’m glad I could be there for y’all, especially and . I can’t think of a better way to pass my time than to spend it helping other people out. :)

Weekend plans? Go out, have drinks with my friends, keep mailing off resumes, and start to worry about where to live. My current rental is reserved only through the end of this month…but I’m not going to take a yearly rental unless I have a job offer. What to do???

7 thoughts on “thank you friends :)

  1. I can’t help but think that pilot’s license could be used to get a really fun job. I still have my “truck” driver’s license from when I drove airport shuttle part-time when I was in school.

    The one thing I do recommend though – don’t wait for them to call you. Call them first. It’s okay, really.

    Did you post your resume attached to a yahoo account yet? Believe it or not, the headhunters trawl those things pretty regularly.

  2. pilots actually make terrible pay, though it’s fun. And you need a minimum number of hours, which you have to pay rental places (or own a plane) to get — not cheap. In this post-terrorist economy, too, the air industry is in REALLY bad shape.

    I’ve been poking the potential employers every couple of days, trying to get news….

    Got my resume posted in a few places, but the yahoo one I don’t. Good idea. :)

  3. i saw you on Elsje’s friends list, and added you to my list.
    have a great time this weekend!

  4. yay!! oyster meet wohali…wohali meet oyster…hehehehehe. you’re both wonderful, lovely people!! i’m glad you found each other and i’m glad i found both of you!

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