good news

For those of you who care about , she just landed a nice job at a super-trendy restaurant not far from where I live — as the hostess! Congrats, Mercy!

I’m still hunting….

some new pictures

Will try and upload more soon, but the most I could get were these shots from Zahara (thank you honey!) of my last few days in Tokyo. yukata are so annoying to wear, but they look so great! :)

I miss you all a whole lot.


Ack, I am having major nostalgia for those little boxes of stars that teachers used to have in their drawers. I vividly remember gold, silver, red, green and blue metallic types The box was thin, square, white and red, with a star stuck in the center on the top. Anyone else remember these things? Do they still sell them?

I think all adult education would be better with little stars. If only they tasted better…