Ack, I am having major nostalgia for those little boxes of stars that teachers used to have in their drawers. I vividly remember gold, silver, red, green and blue metallic types The box was thin, square, white and red, with a star stuck in the center on the top. Anyone else remember these things? Do they still sell them?

I think all adult education would be better with little stars. If only they tasted better…

14 thoughts on “nostalgia

  1. Office Max online had none, Staples had sheets of adhesive ones…but I can’t find those little boxes…

  2. You should be able to get those in any teaching supply store.

    Scholar’s Choice comes to mind as the largest chain of teaching supply stores in Ontario. Apparently there’s one in North York at Yonge and Cummer.

    How on earth do I know the name of a teaching supply store? I come from a family of teachers — I’m the black sheep.

    – awh

  3. I remember these stars… and I remember mocking them in young adulthood, “wanna gold star for that?”

  4. Exactly why I want a box — so I can slap them on the forehead of my friends when they do something GOOD! :P

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