does this ever happen to you?

Do you ever get sick, your partner gets sick, and you make love while ill and on medication? For instance, Neo Citran/Theraflu, nyQuil, etc…

It’s like this incredibly soothing, comforting, giving yourself up situation where you know that everything is right in the world, and the person you’re with is completely trustworthy. You can surrender yourself to this wondrous, enveloping softness without a worry, AND know that you’re going to come out of it (after a nice nap) feeling so much better.

status update

is hanging with me for the week. She’s cool ! Don’t worry, she’s just fine, all of you who know her. We’ll have a blast.

I’m up early because I crashed early picking her up from the airport last night. We watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch before bed, and I’m so fucking stoked. I love that movie’s fuckin’ music, it’ll be in my head for days and days now.

Today? Maybe rock climbing. Maybe flying. Maybe a 3D IMAX movie. We’ll see! :)

the horror!

See (Windows Media format) what happens when someone has too big of an ego.

Long story short, this guy claimed he had 500 hours of helicopter experience, bought this helicopter, then attempted to fly it away. (I use the term ‘fly’ very loosely.) The NTSB had this report about what occurred. This isn’t faked, folks — it’s all too real. At least “Hawk” (that’s his nickname) managed to walk away from it.

For the record, flying a helicopter can be very safe, assuming you don’t pretend to be a pilot when you aren’t one.

fever broken

bet you didn’t know I was sick, huh?

Sped home last night from the Velocet offices as fast as I could, but that didn’t prevent me from having violent shaking episodes and constant groaning. You know you’re sick when you choose not to breathe to prevent room-temperature air from freezing you from the inside out. (My core temperature must have been at least 38°C.)

Lots of my friends have made great postings recently, most of intense emotions, good and bad. Here’s my “Slashback” summary of the best. Expand your friends list and read some of these peoples’ great stories:

Starting to feel better already! :)

Thank you Gavin!

Gavin, my new friend, offered me some pots and pans to borrow until I can get some of my own. I now have a saucepan, a skillet, and a rolling pin and steamer. This is gonna be great, now I can cook food!

Thanks love!