does this ever happen to you?

Do you ever get sick, your partner gets sick, and you make love while ill and on medication? For instance, Neo Citran/Theraflu, nyQuil, etc…

It’s like this incredibly soothing, comforting, giving yourself up situation where you know that everything is right in the world, and the person you’re with is completely trustworthy. You can surrender yourself to this wondrous, enveloping softness without a worry, AND know that you’re going to come out of it (after a nice nap) feeling so much better.

4 thoughts on “does this ever happen to you?

  1. jack is never sick. he’s like wolverine or something.. then me the delicate princess is ALWAYS sick :P it’s so romantic *moanmoansnifflemoanmoancoughingmoaningsomemore*

  2. no.
    i miss that.
    i miss having a person that would kiss me and make love to me no matter what was going on with my health and vice versa.
    but yeah…not gonna happen to me again.
    shutting up now. [bitterbitterme]

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