the horror!

See (Windows Media format) what happens when someone has too big of an ego.

Long story short, this guy claimed he had 500 hours of helicopter experience, bought this helicopter, then attempted to fly it away. (I use the term ‘fly’ very loosely.) The NTSB had this report about what occurred. This isn’t faked, folks — it’s all too real. At least “Hawk” (that’s his nickname) managed to walk away from it.

For the record, flying a helicopter can be very safe, assuming you don’t pretend to be a pilot when you aren’t one.

3 thoughts on “the horror!

  1. Yeah, flying a helicopter can be safe when it has two turbine engines and it’s in cruise at altitude. It’s that pesky “death region” when they are close to the ground and slow that I have a problem with. :)

  2. I think I’ll stick to flying virtual helis in video games for the moment. At least if I cause a tail rotor strike in Vice City I don’t actually die…


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