fever broken

bet you didn’t know I was sick, huh?

Sped home last night from the Velocet offices as fast as I could, but that didn’t prevent me from having violent shaking episodes and constant groaning. You know you’re sick when you choose not to breathe to prevent room-temperature air from freezing you from the inside out. (My core temperature must have been at least 38°C.)

Lots of my friends have made great postings recently, most of intense emotions, good and bad. Here’s my “Slashback” summary of the best. Expand your friends list and read some of these peoples’ great stories:

Starting to feel better already! :)

6 thoughts on “fever broken

  1. eek! i hope you feel better quickly, hun
    and thank you for mentioning me, even though i am the biggest bore and whiney brat i know these days.
    [[hugs and chicken soup]]

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