An update

Hello everyone,

I haven’t had much to say publicly for a while.

I still exist; should you wish to talk to me, email will be best. As a rule I am very reactive when it comes to mail, meaning I don’t tend to start conversations. Instead, I expect you start them with me. Drop me a line, and I’ll answer when I’m able.

My sincere apologies to anyone who feels put off by this; I mean no harm or disrespect. As I rethink how I want to use my blog, I also rethink how I live my life in general. What I choose for now is what makes me happiest. The rest of you will just have to deal. :)

2 thoughts on “An update

  1. hey, im new at this so bare with me my name is april and you sound kool and would love to talk. im always up to talking with some one interesting and you soung interesting. So it would be kool to hear from u and chat lol. and switch conversations. bye for now.

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